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Rescue, First Aid, and CPR Training

Go Safer, Go Rescue

For those looking to learn safety skills for themselves and others, we offer several different courses. You will learn skills that will enable you to be a better dive buddy to not only your dive partner and others, but yourself as well.

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Rescue Diver

Learn rescue techniques for yourself and buddy to keep your dives as safe and enjoyable as possible. This course is great for anyone looking to become a more well rounded diver, learn new skills, and sharpen your current skills.

Medicine Kit

Emergency First Response

This highly educational course is comprehensive in teaching all the first aid skills a diver may need. Incorporating first aid skills, CPR, and more, you will learn how to handle an emergency with confidence.


Emergency Oxygen Provider

Learn to recognize when oxygen is necessary in an emergency as well as how to provide it in this course. This is a great skill to have for divers and non-divers, and makes you a great asset to your dive buddy!

Two Pens

The Details | Rescue Diver 

 Any student enrolled in a class is eligible for a 10% discount on equipment.

  • 10 open water training exercises

  • 2 open water scenarios

  • Emphasizes flexibility and adapting the diver to personal and environmental conditions

  • A demanding and serious but fun and rewarding program​

  • Minimum age is 13

  • Be trained and current in CPR and First Aid within the last two year

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