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Regulator Services

Comprehensive regulator services from certified technicians. Call us for information on pricing.

Annual Service Complete Regulator

  • Disassembly of 1st stage, 2nd stage, octopus and pressure gauge

  • Ultrasonic cleaning, customer notification of parts needed and/or recommended for replacement, reassembly and adjustment

  • If overhaul is requested, all parts in the standard service kit will be replaced

Environmental Protection Kit

  • If the 1st stage has non-air environmental protection, i.e.; oil filled, there is an additional $ charge plus parts

  • This applies to all regulator services

Select Servicing

  • First Stage Service

  • Second Stage Service

  • Octopus Service

  • Air Source/Octo+

  • Extra Ultrasonic Cleaning

    • Applicable to extremely dirty or corroded regulators

    • Up to 20 minutes ultrasonic cleaning, for longer there is additional charge

Oxygen Cleaning

  • Applicable to use with mixed gas diving, such as Nitrox or Trimix

  • In addition to regular service charge for regulator

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