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Certification Courses

Splash offers a verity of certification courses to continue your education, enhance your skills, or if you're just getting started, to welcome you into a magical world of diving! Here at Splash, we feel passionate about our oceans and wildlife, and we pride ourselves with sharing our passions with you.

Meet our dedicated Instructional & Staff team!

Below are our most popular certification courses. Details for each individual course will be available soon!


Don't see the course you're interested in? Ask our staff!

Open Water Diver

Nitrox (Enriched Air)


Wreck Diver

Emergency First Responder

Full Face Mask

Peak Performance Bouyancy

Advanced Open Water Diver

Underwater Photography

Side Mount

Rescue Diver

Dive Master

Underwater Navigation

Night Diver

Deep Diver

Self-Reliant / Solo Diver

Search & Recovery

Instructor Scuba Diver

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