Specialty Courses

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Altitude Diver

Learn to dive at altitudes exceeding 1000 feet.

Coral Reef Conservation

Learn about coral, reefs, and how life today impacts them.

Boat Diver

Learn to dive off of a boats from inflatable to liveaboards.

Deep Diver

Learn to dive below 100 feet.

Cavern Diver

Learn to dive into caverns and more.

DPV Diving

Learn to dive with a little extra propulsion.

Drift Diver

Learn to go with the flow.

Enriched Air Diver

Learn to use Nitrox to enhance even the most rudimentary dives.

Drysuit Diver

Stay warm and dry in the underwater world.

Equipment Specialist

Learn about the inner workings of your gear.

Emergency O2 Provider

Be prepared and ready for any situation.

Fish Identification

Learn how to identify local and exotic fish.

Ice Diver

Ready to brave the cold? Learn how to safely dive below the ice.

Performance Buoyancy

Learn to perfect your buoyancy for optimal diving with no hassle.

Multilevel Diver

Learn to dive safely at varying altitudes and depths.

Public Safety Diver

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Night Diver

Learn to dive in the dark to discover the night life underwater.

Search & Recovery

Learn how to properly search and retrieve a lost diver or item.

Sidemount Diver

Learn to dive with the streamlined feel from side mounted tanks.

Underwater Photography

Learn the skills behind the underwater photos we see & love.

Underwater Naturalist

Learn about the local underwater ecosystems & how they work.

Wreck Diver

Learn how to safely dive in & around a shipwreck.

Underwater Navigator

Learn to navigate underwater with a compass.

Distinctive Specialties

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Waves, Tides, & Currents

Learn to dive skillfully no matter the water conditions you're faced with.

Marine Ecology

Learn how the underwater ecosystems on our planet thrive and how we affect them.

Independent Diving

Learn to safely dive without the assistance of a buddy.

Sea Turtle Ecology

Learn about sea turtles and how we can protect them and their habitat.

Coral Identification

Learn how to identify corals within their habitat.

Shark Ecology

Learn about sharks and how we can protect them and their environment.

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