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Whether you're looking to jet off to a tropical island , do some exciting local diving, or anything in between, we've got you covered.

Grand Cayman, Sunset House

July 15 - 22, 2020 

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Everything you dreamed of for a Caribbean Dive Vacation is here. Sunset House offers many amenities for the diving and snorkeling enthusiast. With a variety of rooms, a quiet cruise-ship-free location on a rocky shoreline renowned for its shore diving, and only a 15 minute walk from George Town, the highly-recommended Sunset House is sure to please the most avid diver of holidaymaker. While we do not have a beach, the pool with a waterfall, Jacuzzi, and ocean pool with direct ladder access to the Caribbean provides all of the water based activities most snorkelers and divers could ask for. What to do out of the water? Visit the renowned Sea Harvest Restaurant and Bar right on the water. Outside guests are more than welcome to enjoy the services of My Bar, Sea Harvest Restaurants, and Sunset Divers.

Gardens of the Queens, Cuba

Cuba's Jardines de las Reinas or 'Gardens of the Queen' was named by Christopher Columbus to honor Queen Isabella of Spain. It is located 60 miles off the southeastern coast of Cuba and is the largest marine reserve in the Caribbean. In 1996, the area was declared a National Park and has been protected and managed for conservation ever since. The Gardens of the Queen National Park encompasses a chain of 250 pristine coral and mangrove islands extending along 75 miles of clear, turquoise water. It is also widely recognized to represent one of the healthiest marine ecosystems in the Caribbean. Divers will see pristine coral reefs, steep walls dropping from the reef crest into the deep, large populations of fish including Goliath grouper weighing up to 400 lbs., large schools of multiple snapper species, large rainbow and midnight parrot fishes, eagle rays, sea turtles and much more. Additionally, several species of sharks are commonly seen including Silky, Caribbean reef, Blacktip, Lemon, Hammerhead, and Nurse sharks, plus the occasional Whale shark. Join Splash for 7 nights on board the Jardines Aggressor II live-aboard yacht exploring the spectacular Gardens of the Queen (Jardines de la Reina) National Park.


July 10 - 17, 2021