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Open Water Diver
Certification Course

So, you're interested in becoming a certified scuba diver?

We've got you covered!

Below you can find more in depth information about our Open Water course. The boxes below can be used for faster navigation.


 All Certifications can be scheduled via PHONE or IN PERSON.

The OPEN WATER Certification Course
is done in 3 Stages:

These stages must be completed in order.

Age Requirement: 10 years +

Note: all Certifications processed for ages 10 to 15 years old will be titled Junior Open Water Scuba Diver. Once the diver turns 16 years old, they can request to update their certification to Open Water Scuba Diver.

Part 1: eLearning

1. Online Education

With the Online Education, you'll learn all about the fundamentals of scuba diving - including gear knowledge, dive safety & skills, and much more!

Note: This stage is completed on your own time at home. Plan accordingly.

Part 2: Confined Water

2. Confined Water
(Pool Sessions)

Take the knowledge you've gained from your Online Education & practice your skills in a controlled environment.

The Confined Water process is a total of 3 separate pool sessions, each session focusing on select skills.

Part 3: Open Water

3. Open Water
(Quarry, Lake, or Ocean)

Finally, perform the skills you've learned from your Online Education & practiced during your Confined Water sessions, but in "open water conditions."

The Open Water Sessions are held over 1 weekend, a total of 2 days.

After the final day/skill is complete, you are Open Water Scuba Certified!

Our Prices:

Full Course / Parts 1, 2, & 3

Training Only / Parts 2, & 3

Referral Diver / Parts 1 & 2

Before You Start Training:

You'll need to come see us at our store location!

1. Get fitted for your scuba gear (see what's included below).

2. Fill out our student folder.

3. Complete all forms, liability, & medical questionnaires.

4. Get you fitted for any personal gear you need (see what's not included below).

Use the boxes below to download any FORMS ahead of time:

All forms are good for 1 year - forms must be completed for each participant training with us.



Regulator, Tank, & Weights

Wetsuit & BCD

Hoods & Gloves (when needed)

Training Includes:

3 total Pool Sessions

2 total Open Water Sessions


Mask & Snorkel

Fin Boots & Fins

If you have these items already, you are welcome to use them! If you need any of these items, we offer 10% OFF as a Student Discount.

we're saving the ocean, join us! PADI & ECO

1. Online Education


Getting started with your Online Education is your first step to completing your certification. This takes an average of 6 hours to complete, and must be done prior to your scheduled Confined Water sessions. Online Education is consisted completed when the student passes the "eLearning Final Review."

Note: Scuba Certifications are photo ID's so you must upload a photo of yourself to your online PADI Account.

Gain access to your Online Education:

1. Purchase the entire Open Water Course with us & we'll send your eLearning to you - this option includes stages 1, 2 & 3.

2. Purchase your eLearning separately & get it started right away, then schedule & pay for your training when you're ready - with this option, you will only owe training costs for stages 2 & 3.


2. Confined Water

(Pool Sessions)

Once your Online Education is completed, you'll be able to start your Confined Water sessions with one of our Instructors. This stage includes 3 pool sessions scheduled on 3 separate days. Each pool sessions has required skills that must be performed by standards in order to continue on to the next session.

After completing your final pool session & skills, you will then complete the Open Water Confined Quick Review with one of our Instructors. This will be proof that you completed everything up to this point.


Confined Water Sessions

We hold Open Water Certification Courses every single month, year round! Each month has a consistent cycled schedule that is as follows:

First Saturday of each Month = Confined Water 1

Second Saturday of each Month = Confined Water 2

Third Saturday of each Month = Confined Water 3

Note: If you start your Confined Water sessions at any point but are unable to attend the following cycled session, you will be pushed back into the following month's cycle on the session you left off on.

3. Open Water Sessions

( Quarry, Lake, or Ocean)

After completing your scuba diving skills in the Confined Water Quick Review with an instructor, you are then able to participate in the Open Water sessions. In these sessions you will perform the same skills you performed during the Confined Water sessions. After completing your final Open Water session & skills, you will be officially be an Open Water Scuba Diver - you can now dive as deep as 60 feet without an instructor or professional, but you always dive with a buddy!

Your certification WILL NOT be processed if you do not upload your photo to your online PADI account.

These sessions are held from JUNE - OCTOBER.




If you are interested in completing your Open Water dives somewhere else, like the ocean, see REFERRAL DIVER below!

Protect What You Love | PADI ECO


(Open Water Sessions)

If you have a scuba trip planned already, or if you're really looking forward to diving in that beautiful ocean, then being a Referral Diver might be the right choice for you!

Complete your Online Education, Confined Water Sessions & Quick Review with us - then finish your Open Water Sessions somewhere else, like the ocean!

By choosing to be a Referral Diver, you accept full responsibility in finishing your Open Water Certification course. You are responsible for finding the facility & scuba instructor, as well as paying their training fees to complete the dives.


Once you've completed your Online Education, Confined Water Sessions & Quick Review, we will give you copies of your records as proof that you completed your course up to this stage.

Referral Pricing:

With this option, you are choosing not to participate in our Open Water sessions, therefore our training price for the Referral Diver includes only stages 1 & 2 - it does not include stage 3.



Courses & Classes

We understand it can be challenging to have most Saturdays available for training sessions - consider upgrading to the Private Course

Private Course = Additional $200 Per Person

Benefits Include:

1. Work one-on-one with an instructor throughout your entire course, making you the instructor's number 1 priority.

2. Instead of sticking to our Cycles class schedule, choose the Saturdays that work best for you!

If you need to make up a missed session, need an extra session to complete your skills, or if you're just wanting a one-on-one session, consider these options:

Private Make-Up (Pool Session) = $65 Per Person

Private Make-Up (Open Water) = $85 Per Person

Referral Pricing:

With this option, you are choosing not to participate in our Open Water sessions, therefore our training price for the Referral Diver includes only stages 1 & 2 - it does not include stage 3.

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 2.23.49 PM.png

How To Schedule:

As of right now, we are accepting all Open Water Certification either in person at our store location or over the phone.

If you have any questions that were left unanswered, please reach out!

"The people that work at Splash went the extra mile to answer all my questions and I can't think of a negative thing to say about this establishment. Nothing short of exceptional.👍"

Bill W.

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