Frequently Asked Questions

What is a roll off dumpster?

A roll off dumpster is a specially designed waste container with an open-top. Roll off dumpsters are used for commercial projects, such as construction jobs and remodels, and residential projects, such as spring cleaning your home or cleaning up yard debris.

How long can I keep the roll off dumpster?

Typically, you will have the roll off dumpster for 7 days. If you need additional time, please let us know when you schedule the drop off and we will work with you to extend the rental period.

How much does a dumpster rental cost?

Hoffman Dumpsters offers a fixed price of $425 for a 7 day rental. If additional time is needed, pricing will be adjusted to reflect the additional time. We will be as flexible as needed to meet your needs.

Will I need to be home for dumpster delivery and pickup?

No. There is no need to adjust your schedule to have the roll off dumpster delivered or picked up. Upon making the rental reservation, please ensure that area you would like the dumpster is clear and not blocked by anything. Upon pickup, please make sure that there are no objects sticking over the top of the sides of the dumpster.

How large is a 14 yard roll off dumpster?

The dimensions of the roll off dumpster is approximately 7 feet across, 4 feet deep, and 14 feet long. This is approximately the size of a full-size pickup truck.

What is the weight limit of the roll off dumpster?

We have a 2 ton weight limit.

Should I lay down wood to protect my driveway?

While not required, we recommend laying down plywood if you have any concerns about potential scrapes and scratches that may occur on your driveway when delivering and picking up the roll off dumpster.

What is the best way to load material into the dumpster?

At the end of the roll off dumpsters are two large doors that swing open. This allows for easy access to the interior of the dumpster without needing to lift heavy objects up and over the sides of the dumpster. Additionally, as the doors open, accessing the dumpster with a wheelbarrow will be easy.

What items are not allowed in the dumpster?

As Hoffman Dumpsters is committed to environmental safety, items that are not allowed in the dumpster are as follows: - Asbestos -Car Batteries -Concrete -Flammable Liquids and Gases such as propane tanks -Hazardous Waste -Infectious Medical Waste